ACA Compliance

Everything you need for seamless benefits administration while staying in compliance

What is Your ACA Strategy?

You need integrated, automated workforce management tools that provide high-quality information for driving cost-effective labor decisions and minimizing ACA compliance risk. Workforce Ready is the answer.

Ongoing Benefits Administration

ACA Manager helps you manage complex, ongoing benefits administration and monitor part-time employees’ hours to stay within desired levels. It provides reports and audits of time, HR, and payroll data for improved ACA compliance.

ACA Status Availability

Management dashboards provide consolidated views of regular- and variable-hour labor pools and the ability to drill down into views for each employee. View any employee’s current status or historical status by month with the ACA timeline view.

ACA Policy Enforcement

Compliance alerts notify managers when an employee’s status changes to full time or part time, when an employee is approaching eligibility, and when an employee has scheduled hours that would put him or her over the eligibility limit. Alerts can also be sent to employees to notify them that they are eligible for benefits.

ACA Process Administration

Delivers the power of one unified platform for HR/benefits administration, time and attendance, and payroll. With a single record for each employee, you can streamline and automate the benefits enrollment process as they reach eligibility. Eligibility notifications can be sent to employees with links to automate the enrollment process via simplified self-service features.

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Different laws govern different types of workers, from hourly and salaried employees to contingent workers. In fact, employment laws represent the largest subject area of all business regulations.

Given these complexities, understanding and complying with a growing array of employment and labor laws are daunting tasks.

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