Compensation Management

Setup compensation cycles in a snap

Automate Compensation Planning

Improve Visibility and Governance Across Business Units and Cost Centers

Easy Setup

Workforce Ready Compensation Management enables you to set up compensation cycles with remarkable speed and ease. Simply define the program type, enter the start and end dates, assign a cycle manager, and specify the employee type to be included, such as hourly, salaried, seasonal, or executive.

Define Budgets

Workforce Ready Compensation Management lets you define the budget for each compensation cycle using an intuitive, spreadsheet-like interface. The application supports both top-down and bottom-up budgeting processes — with appropriate approval workflows — and your choice of salary structure.

Model Scenarios

Managers can model compensation scenarios for their direct reports using the application’s built-in worksheets. Or they can plan offline in Excel® and seamlessly import updates back into Workforce Ready. Managers can enter merit increases by percentage or flat amount and see how much of the budget has been allocated in real time.

Drive Efficiency

Proposed increases are automatically routed through a configurable approval workflow; automated alerts and reminders keep the process moving forward. Security controls let you determine who can access specific information and functionality, and who has override privileges at each step in the process.

Download the Compensation Management Data Sheet

Still trying to manage compensation planning across business units and cost centers using cumbersome spreadsheets and manual approval processes? Spending valuable time and resources emailing worksheets back and forth and making sure the approved compensation data gets back into your HR system? This approach is not only tedious and time-consuming, but it also leaves too much room for error. Fortunately, compensation management doesn’t have to be so hard.

Download the Data Sheet

Learn More About Workforce Ready Compensation Management

Workforce Ready Compensation Management is the ultimate add-on to the Workforce Ready HR suite of tools.


Compensation planning with automation tools and workflows


Increased visibility into all phases on compensation planning


Corporate governance with automated enforcement of compensation guidelines


fair, equitable compensation decisions across the organization