Time & Labor Management

Automate Employee Time Tracking with an Easy-to-Use Solution That Grows with Your Company

Streamline Time & Labor Management

Using Workforce Ready you can increase operation efficiency and reduce total labor costs.

Custom Employee Types

With five user-defined employee types (salaried, hourly, contractor, etc.) you can appoint appropriate pay rules and work locations across multiple time zones for all employees.

Job Costing

Track work, time, and expenses (bonuses, tips, etc.) against three pre-de ned cost centers, each allowing a virtually unlimited list of positions, departments, locations, and/or tasks. This results in greater accuracy when projecting labor costs.

Secure Data Collection

View and/or edit information on a companywide or individual employee level. Access timesheets for previous or future pay periods and easily add or change report views. Virtually any changes that occur are tracked and can be reported through the audit trail feature.

Even More Features

Managers and employees receive standard time off and timesheet request, rejection, and approval notifications right to their email. Auto-populated company holidays, employee scheduling, itemized expense tracking, and mass edit capabilities are all included.

Flexible, Reliable, & Easy to Use

• Single-screen company setup and quick employee imports mean your entire company can be up and running in as little as an hour

• Automatic data synchronization with third-party systems eliminates double data entry and ensures that your time-tracking data gets to payroll quickly

• Intuitive interface reduces the time spent training and allows for easy integration into your daily tasks without disruption

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How Time & Labor Management Can Help Your Company

Everything you need to manage time and attendance

Track True Labor Costs

Enforce user-defined, flexible pay rules

Simplify Timecard Management

Improve payroll accuracy, stay compliant, and manage exceptions in real time to avoid payroll errors and reworks.

Flex Schedules

Assign daily, weekly, or other configurable patterns to schedules that can be assigned and adjusted ont he fly.

Employee Self Service

Give employees access to their schedules, notifications, and more on any device.

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